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Hi There!


WHAT we Do

 & our DIY Lifestyle 

For as long as we can remember we've looked around the world and said, "I want to make that... I can make that... I am going to make that."


We have the desire to do things ourselves and, in essence, this is where the idea of a DIY Lifestyle comes from. 

From woodworking to graphic design, painting to prints, interior decorating to crafting, we will try anything that excites us!

We created Witness & Co. to be able to share our lifestyle and all our projects, teach others how to DIY and create a platform to connect and learn from other creators.

Our Story


Hi!! Our names are Bill and Lena!! We're only 23, but we're pretty sure we're twin flames.


We both grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and met in high school back in 2014. In 2016, Bill began college at the University of Southern California and Lena began at the University of Colorado Boulder. During college, summers were a time when would take on DIY projects together and were able to make some pretty cool stuff.


Bill graduated college in 2020 and Lena in 2021. Our passion for creating continued and we decided to start Witness & Co. Now we are here and we can't wait for what the future has in store for us!


Meaning of


The concept came from the book The Untethered Soul by Michael A Singer and if you haven’t read it, YOU SHOULD. It’s a quick read and really was one of the most transformational books in both our lives. The book unpacks the concept of the “self” and asks you to reflect on your experiences using your intuition when defining “what you are.”


Singer describes our consciousness as a witness, simply experiencing the world. Meaning we are only AWARE of our senses, thoughts, and emotions, but they are NOT who we really are. This really stood out to Bill, especially when approaching life and handling its ups and downs. He ended up using this concept for a senior design project and created a brand, called “Witness Designs.” 


Fast forward almost a year, to now, while creating this account, we both still love the name! We also wanted to include the idea that we are not alone in experiencing the world, we are right next to others experiencing the world as well. That’s how Witness & Co. came about. We all are experiencing the world with a little bit of company.

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